High-efficiency step-down converter in a compact package

09-08-2022 | Texas Instruments | Power

The Texas Instruments TPS62A0x family of devices are synchronous step-down buck DC-DC converters that are optimised for high efficiency and compact solution size. The devices combine switches able to deliver an output current up to 2A. The devices function in pulse width modulation mode at medium to heavy loads with a 2.4MHz switching frequency. The devices automatically enter power save mode at light load to maintain high efficiency across the complete load current range. In shutdown, the current consumption is minimal, too. The TPS62A0xA variants of this device family function in forced PWM over the whole load current range.

The devices offer an adjustable output voltage via an external resistor divider. An internal soft-start circuit limits the inrush current through start-up. Other options such as overcurrent protection, thermal shutdown protection, and power good are built-in. The devices are offered in a SOT-563 package.

By Seb Springall