Field configurable modules bring flexibility and versatility for engineers

03-08-2022 | TTI Europe | Power

TTI Europe now stocks the CoolX 600 series of natural, convection-cooled configurable modular power supplies from Advanced Energy . Offering 93% efficiency and five-year warranty, the units deliver 600W from a very compact 215.9mm x 114.3mmx 39.1mm package with no need for fan-assisted cooling and baseplate. Removing the fan eradicates audible noise and vibration from the power supply, which allows it to be employed in noise sensitive applications. Typical applications include medical, scientific, telecommunications, audio, test and measurement and harsh industrial electronics equipment.

The series is offered as two base models. The CX06X are certified to the IEC60950 (2nd edition) standard for industrial applications and the IEC 62368-1 standard for audio, video, information and communication technology equipment. The CX06M model complies with IEC60601-1 (3rd edition) and IEC 60601-1-2 (4th edition) immunity standards for medical applications.

The compact 1U high chassis holds up to four CoolMod power modules to provide up to eight isolated DC outputs that vary from 1V to 58V. The outputs may be connected in series for higher voltages of up to 232VDC or for higher currents the outputs can be paralleled. Also, the always on, medically-isolated 24W auxiliary card, which offers either 5V or 12V, is ideal for equipment with a touch screen.

For the medical industry, the CX06M module provides 4,000VAC output to earth isolation (2xMoPP) for suitability for BF rated equipment and low earth leakage current of <300µA. The modules are safety approved to 5000m altitude, allowing medical equipment manufacturers to improve the safety margins in end equipment in high altitude installations.

“We’ve got the Power! The CoolX 600 series with user and field configurable modules brings flexibility and versatility for medical, scientific and industrial engineers designing equipment requiring multiple, non-standard output voltages. More importantly, as the chassis and CoolMods come with their own approvals, the final configured modules come with a single part number, easing ordering and inventory time and associated cost,” said Oskar Czechowski, technical development manager for Power, TTI Europe. “The fanless design eliminates acoustic noise which is a huge advantage for patient or operator related applications and lowers the risk of dispersible airborne microbial and dust particles.”


By Seb Springall

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