Dual engine real-time embedded IoT database data management and analysis

17-08-2022 | ITTIA | Design & Manufacture

ITTIA offers the immediate availability of ITTIA DB version 8. It is a powerful real-time embedded database created primarily for embedded systems and IoT devices to monitor, store and analyse time series data locally on the device.

ITTIA DB v8 is a hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP) solution for microcontrollers and microprocessors combining the best traits of online transaction processing with online analytical processing optimised for live sensor data. ITTIA Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) conforms to the principles of IEC/ISO 62443 so that ITTIA DB v8 is constructed securely for real-time, embedded, and IoT applications. This new release allows customers to derive deeper insights more effectively by understanding where raw data originates, empowering embedded systems to gain predictive capability and benefit from database security for their IoT devices.

The main features of the latest version comprise unified stream processing and persistent storage, real-time analysis of live measurements, dynamically updated device parameters, rolling average computed over a tumbling time window, and ITTIA DB Security Expert Agent Library (DB-SEAL). The new release helps customers from industrial automation, medical devices, automotive, transportation, aerospace markets, and others.

"We are excited to invite you to our announcement of the ITTIA DB v8 database for microcontrollers and microprocessors on August 24th. During this online event, we will introduce ITTIA DB's revolutionary data processing and data analysis offering and show live demonstrations in which embedded systems monitor, filter, and store real-time data on both MCUs and MPUs," said ITTIA president, Sasan Montaseri.


By Seb Springall