Cost-effective solution focuses on OBD diagnostics

18-08-2022 | Vector | Design & Manufacture

With version 9 of the automotive diagnostic tester Indigo, Vector provides more convenience in diagnostics over IP (DoIP) and more onboard diagnostics (OBD) functionality. With the new product variant 'Indigo OBD', users now have a cost-effective solution focusing on OBD diagnostics with no restrictions on user comfort.

This solution is an intuitive vehicle diagnostic tester that may be customised and expanded to fit specific user requirements. This makes it straightforward to use for customer-specific use cases as well. In the new version, diagnostic experts gain from DoIP and OBD enhancements. For example, matching diagnostic descriptions are automatically selected for DoIP ECUs besides CAN ECUs - users no longer have to be concerned about this - signifying that initial setup time is almost eradicated. Also, MAC addresses of Vector Ethernet interfaces may now be modified easily; therefore, trusted MAC addresses can be set manually, specifically for security applications.

As well to OBD II and WWH-OBD, the new version of Indigo already supports the new OBD diagnostic standards OBDonUDS and ZEVonOBD (OBD for Zero-Emission-Vehicles). Indigo provides independent use case-focused windows for the entire range of OBD functions, which can freely combine with each other. A special use case window displays monitor and fault memory data in combination. As well as reading out and testing the OBD functionality, this also aids vehicle repair and supports diagnostics specialists in troubleshooting. Moreover, with the Remote option of the solution, OBD diagnostics can now be employed remotely.

A new product variant completes the OBD enhancements, 'Indigo OBD' This cost-effective variant concentrates on the Onboard diagnostic test and the homologation of EURO-5 and EURO-6 vehicles. Users, therefore, receive a fully comprehensive OBD scan tool that covers all conventional and brand-new diagnostic standards at a cost-effective price.