Reliable power transformer solution with innovative coil design

25-07-2022 | Rutronik | Power

Pulse is expanding its EFD15 portfolio with the PGT646xNL series. The series, available now from Rutronik, uses the current first-in-class 5 + 5 pin SMD platform design. The innovative coil design expands the creepage distance between pin and core to at least 5.1mm. At the same time, the component keeps its dimensions of 22mm x 16.5mm x 11mm and does not need more space. Wire selection and design provide for automated winding that offers excellent reliability for high-performance applications such as in industrial and automotive environments, as well as data communications.

The company introduces two transmitters that differ particularly in their dielectric strength and input voltage range. The PGT6465NL provides a high input voltage and uses the full isolation capability of the extended leakage current platform with an isolation specification of 4,000Vrms. Whereas the PGT6466NL satisfies the demands of low voltage inputs with application isolation of 3,000VDC.

The series also provides a wide temperature range of -40C to +125C and can be used with a flyback topology. The power range is up to 12.5W.

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