Power supply with dual certification for medical and industrial applications

25-07-2022 | Advanced Energy | Power

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc has expanded its SL Power SLB series with a new 300W power supply. Created for ease of integration into critical medical and industrial equipment, the SLB300 provides stable power through power fluctuations and provides long operational life by integrating high-quality electrolytic capacitors.

The device is a single-output power supply providing a 300W (200 W convection cooled) output power in a compact 3" x 5" x 1.4" package fitting 1U rack mount applications. It offers an 80-264VAC universal input and a wide -10C to +70C operating temperature range. Output voltage is provided from 12-48V. Dual certified for the current medical and industrial standards, the device is certified to EN/CSA/IEC/UL62368-1 and EN/CSA/IEC/UL60601-1-1 3rd Edition, as well as IECIEC60601-1 Type BF. The model is provided with a three-year warranty.

“The SLB300 is a versatile power supply that can be used to provide reliable, long-term operation in a wide variety of critical end systems,” said Paul Kingsepp, medical product line manager at Advanced Energy. “We continue to expand our range of high performance, cost-effective power supplies including the SLB series. Our customers benefit from its dual certification, which eases adoption into their medical and industrial applications.”

The product family is intended for simple integration into medical applications including laboratory, dental and operating equipment and patient monitoring devices; industrial applications such as test and measurement, process control, communications, automotive testing, machine building and factory automation; and outdoor applications such as architectural lighting and digital signage.

Other models in the series of dual certified power supplies include the SLB65 65W convection-cooled module and the SLB125 125W fan-cooled module. These models are suitable for 1U rack-mounted applications.

By Seb Springall