New thermal imager aimed at the MRO sector

12-07-2022 | Conrad Electronic | Test & Measurement

Voltcraft’s WB 500 IR camera, available now from Conrad Electronics, provides high-tech features suitable for tackling the most challenging tasks. It offers a high frame rate of 50fps, ensuring non-blurry images of moving parts of equipment. The excellent thermal resolution allows in-depth data analysis and is ideal for detailed remote inspection of buildings.

The Voltcraft WB-500 IR camera has various features that enable a detailed thermal analysis of machinery, plant and buildings. Voltcraft has released its latest industrial-grade infrared camera packed with a comprehensive set of features specially developed for preventive maintenance and building inspection.

Taking in-focus thermal images is essential as blurriness could result in inaccurate temperature readings. Therefore, the designers decided to make the adjustment of the image sharpness a manual procedure. However, a built-in laser rangefinder covering distances from 5cm to 30m assists users in setting up the imager.

The device does not just take still frames. The product comes with audio/video, facilitating wireless live streaming of footage using Wi-Fi.

Any analysis of complex thermal issues must be based on a set of reliable data. The device arrives with a 384 x 288p bolometer matrix and an 80mK thermal sensitivity, ensuring that the product is suitable for the most challenging of tasks.

“The new Voltcraft thermal imager features the latest technology and a range of innovative functions specially aimed that the industrial sector,” explains Kilian Braun, product manager, Conrad Electronic. “Moreover, you can order a product that’s calibrated to the industry standards of your choice.”

As the product comes with a 32GB memory card slot and a USB and HDMI port, the readings can be readily transferred to other devices. The delivery includes an 8GB micro-SD GB card. Braun says: “Excellent usability and a comprehensive set of features that add genuine value were at the top of our priority list when we were developing this particular product. To make it the ideal choice for MRO and building service engineers.”