Multimodal sensor front end measures various vital signals

19-07-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Analog Devices Inc ADPD6000 Multimodal Sensor Front End, available now from Mouser, is highly integrated and intended for measuring various vital signals. The AFE optical channel is created as an optical transceiver, stimulating up to four LEDs and measuring the return signal on four separate current inputs. The signal chain rejects signal offsets and corruption from asynchronous modulated interference, typically from ambient light, eradicating the necessity for optical filters or externally controlled DC cancellation circuitry.

The ECG signal acquisition is created to support low noise and diagnostic level measurement in the presence of various interferers. The ECG signal chain has several complementary features supporting ECG measurements, such as a driven reference for common-mode rejection and lead-off detection to identify a fallen electrode.

The BIA signal chain is designed for body impedance measurement with a configurable excitation path and measurement path. A 12-bit DAC is used in the excitation path to generate the sinusoid wave and high precision measurement, with configurable filters used to measure the body response of the stimulus.

The data output and functional configuration use an SPI on the ADPD6000. The control circuitry includes flexible LED signalling and synchronous detection, digital filters, digital wave generators, and configurable filters.

The device is housed in a 2.6mm × 2.6mm, 0.4mm pitch, 36-ball WLCSP.

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