Explosion-proof tunable diode laser spectrometer added to lineup

26-07-2022 | Yokogawa | Test & Measurement

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has created an explosion-proof version of the TDLS8200 probe type tunable diode laser spectrometer as part of its OpreX Analyzer family. The device offers low installation cost, high measurement stability, and high reliability. At high speed, it can simultaneously and directly measure concentrations of two gas types (oxygen plus carbon monoxide or methane). Currently available are types that can measure temperatures up to 600C and 850C. The addition of an explosion-proof version makes it possible to enable efficient combustion control and safe operation over a wider variety of applications.

The most noteworthy feature of the device is its dual laser light sources and optics, which allow it to simultaneously measure oxygen and carbon monoxide or methane concentrations for combustion control. Its direct measurement system relies on lasers, which are easier to maintain than conventional sampling systems and more robust than catalyst-based sensors. This ensures stable, simultaneous, and lossless measurement. Also, it is easy to install and replace by adopting a probe design with no sampling device.

The explosion-proof device conforms to the IECEx explosion-proof standard of the IEC, the FM explosion-proof standards of the United States and Canada, and the EU’s ATEX explosion-proof directives. Compliance with these regulations allows the device to be employed in zones where combustible gases reach concentrations that result in the risk of an explosion.

The device is aimed at the oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, electric power, iron and steel, and ceramics industries.

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