Expanded waterproof USB connector family offers design flexibility

19-07-2022 | Hirose | Connectors, Cables and Enclosures

Hirose has extended its rugged, waterproof USB 2.0 Type-C connectors to include two new variants. The new IP8X-rated CX90MW6 mid-mount and IPX4-rated CX90BW top mount connectors provide robust performance in various consumer, industrial and automotive applications.

Rated to IPX8 and IPX4, respectively, the waterproof connectors comprise a front sealing gasket that stops water penetration into the shell, while potting stops water intrusion into the connector interior. The IPX8-rated CX90MW6 mid-mount fulfils the requirements for immersion in 1.5m of water for 30 minutes. The IPX4-rated CX90BW top mount protects from splashing water regardless of the direction. These connectors are not only resistant to liquid but also shock and vibration.

The connectors have a right angle, SMT, and single row mounting option. The CX90MW6 Series mid-mount is a screw-mount design.

With a current rating of 6A, the connectors integrate quick USB charging with rugged performance. The small, waterproof USB 2.0 Type-C connectors support data rates up to 480Mbps. A symmetrical mating design provides for reversible plug insertion, delivering easy installation. During plug insertion, a plug stopper stops direct force from being applied to the insulator, preventing insulator damage. The plug stopper and welding between the shell and components enhance prying force.

“The latest additions to the USB connector family are well-suited for portable and consumer end-products that require quick charging and are often subjected to fluids and drop impacts,” said Mark Kojak, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of Sales and Operations for Hirose Electric USA.

The CX90MW6 mid-mount connector offers a width of just 15.92mm, depth of 7.73mm and height of 4.11mm with the gasket. The CX90BW top mount connector has a width of only 10.5mm, depth of 6.3mm and height of 3.82mm with the gasket.

The series is commonly used in digital cameras, eBooks, GPSX, IoT, laptops, MP3 players, medical devices, portable storage devices, smartphones, tablets, wearables, vehicle infotainment systems and more.

By Natasha Shek