Engineers benefit from boosted performance of updated data analysis software

15-07-2022 | imc Test & Measurement | Test & Measurement

The new version of data analysis software imc FAMOS 2022 from manufacturer imc Test & Measurement, a brand of Axiometrix Solutions, now incorporates a Python interface and supports parallel processing for modern multi-core PC architectures.

It provides professional tools for visualising and analysing test and measurement data from various sources, import formats and creates print-ready reports. Test engineers, technicians and researchers benefit from enhanced performance and expanded capabilities interfacing with programming languages and databases in test and measurement applications, which also support data science.

The new interface to Python enables its users to gain an advantage from the large Python open-source community, to incorporate thousands of ready-to-use algorithms and further process, transform and visualise data. The new parallel processing feature makes optimum usage of multi-core PC hardware.

Also, the new 2022-version provides an improved FFT spectrum analysis that overcomes block size limitations. The featured 'group functions' have been improved: a concept that aids the execution of complex analysis functions upon complete groups of signals or variables.

Stefan Hippe, head of imc FAMOS software development, outlines the improvements of the new version: "With the 2022 version, we respond to our customer's frequent requests to support important programming languages which are particularly popular in the fast-growing machine learning community."

By Natasha Shek