DIN-rail mount adaptor kits for panel mount 1- and 3-phase filters

08-07-2022 | Schurter | Subs & Systems

Schurter now provides DIN-Rail mount adaptor kits with metal clips. The kits offer a simple solution for converting panel mount block filters to DIN-Rail mount for usage inside control cabinets. Simply affix the clip to the filter employing the screws supplied in the kit, then snap the converted filter onto the DIN-Rail.

Panel mount block filters are traditionally employed in equipment to filter interferences that are potentially harmful to the operation of the equipment and other nearby equipment. With more applications employing intelligent devices coming onto the industrial market, the demand for EMC filters is also growing, although identifying and sourcing DIN-Rail mount types for usage in control cabinets can be a challenge.

As with other DIN-Rail adaptors for other types of products, the company's DIN-Rail adaptor kit satisfies this requirement with a simple design for quick and easy installation. Sustaining a good ground connection is carefully considered in the clip design, which utilises heavy-duty metal to ensure a constant ground connection of the filter housing to the rail. The DIN-Rail mount adapter kit fits with its compact range of EMC filter series: FMAB NEO, FMAB HV, FMBB NEO, FMBB EP, and FMAD CP. It is also ideal for other panel mount filters, provided the mounting holes are the same.

By Natasha Shek