Compact position indicator for process-reliable size changeover

26-07-2022 | Siko | Test & Measurement

Siko offers the AP05 as the most compact version in this segment, provided with an integrated IO-Link interface. As the core element of monitored size changeover, networked position indicators are an indispensable part of mechanical engineering. Their capacity to display the setpoint and actual value on the adjusting spindle to the machine operator significantly enhances comfort for the setter. This considerably simplifies refitting a production machine for a new product. At the same time, feedback on the positioning status of the machine controller improves reliability for format changes and optimises setup times. Incorrect settings are stopped, dodging rejects and damage to tools, boosting efficiency and lowering setup times.

Thanks to smart communication with the higher-level machine control system, the position indicator provides that product changes and size changeovers are done safely and ergonomically. Setpoints, actual position values and the positioning status are exchanged, converting the manual spindle adjustment into a monitored process. As well as the serial interfaces, the device now deploys the innovative IO-Link interface. This interface allows fast and cost-effective integration through a point-to-point connection utilising uncomplicated I/O connection technology. Due to the open, manufacturer-independent standard of the IO-Link interface, convenient integration options are obtainable for machine control systems from all leading providers. IO-Link Master Islands can be used to modularly network several AP05 position indicators. Complexity and cabling effort are, therefore, remarkably lowered, as are commissioning times. The straightforward wiring, together with extra diagnostic features, improves serviceability and lowers downtimes in the event of errors.

One key element of the device is the inverted backlit LCD. The backlighting ensures that the position values are easily read, even in places that are challenging to see or in low light conditions. The LCD is produced as a two-line five-digit seven-segment display; consequently, the adjustment tracks can still be displayed with high display accuracy. The seven-segment display also provides for the extra display of alphanumeric characters, which eases configuration, commissioning and error diagnosis.

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