Compact buck regulator module suitable for industrial applications

06-07-2022 | Alpha and Omega Semiconductor | Power

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited has released the AOZ29303QI, a simple-to-use, highly integrated buck module. The product is offered in a 9mm x 6mm QFN 48-lead exposed pad package with a 3.7mm height. It can provide an output current of 3A with input voltage up to 30V and output voltage up to 5.5V. The new device offers a simple, compact solution ideal for various applications, including industrial, factory automation, networking, and general-purpose point of load.

The buck module includes a controller IC, power MOSFET, rectifier diode, bootstrap capacitor, and an inductor. It can offer up to 93% peak efficiency. When running in low output current conditions, the device will operate in a proprietary PEM to deliver high efficiency by lowering switching loss. Under this mode, the regulators maintain 85% efficiency in 10mA light load operation, making it an excellent choice for 'always on' applications.

A suite of operation protections is available for this integrated module: cycle-by-cycle OCP, output OVP, output SCP, and OTP. External components needed to realise a complete solution are minimal and provide the user flexibility to select soft-start time, operating frequency, external compensation, and output voltage setting.

"AOS' first module is based on our AOZ128x family of regulators that has been adopted in a range of industrial applications such as factory automation, automated meter reading for its ease of use and wide operating range," said Peter Cheng, Power IC senior marketing director at AOS. "By offering a module option, AOS' intention is to offer system designers an even simpler implementation, speeding time to market and improving solution size."

By Natasha Shek