Tunable Mux/DeMux linear ReDrivers enable routing at an ultra-high bit rate

06-06-2022 | Diodes Inc | Semiconductors

Diodes Incorporated offers two new Mux/DeMux linear ReDrivers, supporting the 20Gbps DisplayPort ultra-high bit rate (UHBR20) transmission mode. The two devices are industry’s first ReDrivers to satisfy DisplayPort up to such high data rates.

The PI3DPX20021 is a 2-to-1, four-lane Mux device, while the PI3DPX20012 is a 1-to-2, four-lane DeMux device. The devices are employed on the GPU outputs, the devices satisfy the growing demand to share high-end graphics from one display source to one of two outputs or share two display inputs on one display. They can be used in mobile workstations, gaming notebooks, computing peripherals, display monitors, industrial PCs, wireless display adapters, docking hardware, and KVM switches.

These two devices support eight equaliser adjustment settings, plus four setting adjustments of the output flat gain and output swing to perform better signal integrity tuning. Channel loss can be compensated for and ISI jitter removed, producing extended channel reach.

The typical input-to-output latency of the devices is just 0.5ns. These devices are protocol-agnostic and transparent to link training. An input signal detection function enables them to be automatically placed into power-saving mode when their inputs become idle.

The new ReDrivers are offered in 32-pin TQFN packages with 3mm x 6mm dimensions, allowing them to be implemented in compact system designs. They can operate over a -40C to 85C industrial temperature range.