New 650V IGBT for solar inverters unveiled

29-06-2022 | MagnaChip | Power

Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation has unveiled a new 650V IGBT for solar inverters. It developed the device built with 'advanced field stop trench technology' for fast switching speed and high breakdown voltages.

The current density of this new 650V IGBT was enhanced by 30% compared to the previous generation by adopting the latest technology. This IGBT is also created to deliver a minimum short-circuit withstand time of 5µs, and it is optimised for parallel switching because of its positive temperature coefficient. The parallel switching of this IGBT increases the load current and, therefore, the maximum output power.

Also, the device provides anti-parallel diodes for fast switching and low switching loss while guaranteeing a maximum operating junction temperature of 175C. Based on standards issued by the JEDEC, this new IGBT can be widely used for applications demanding strict power level and high efficiency, such as solar boost inverters and converters, UPS and universal power inverters.

"Magnachip's first IGBT was introduced in 2013, and since then, we have been committed to developing high-efficiency products for a variety of markets while strengthening our presence around the world," said YJ Kim, CEO of Magnachip. "With this new product, we are expanding our efforts to deliver high-performance products for the eco-friendly renewable energy market."

By Natasha Shek