First IIoT pressure gauge combines several instrumentation functions

07-06-2022 | PVL | Test & Measurement

PVL has launched the Ogauge, the world's first IIoT pressure gauge from Orion Instruments. Ogauge is a leading device which incorporates several instrumentation functions in a single device - an IIoT pressure gauge, switch, transmitter and datalogger.

The IIoT uses smart sensors and actuators to improve manufacturing and industrial processes, boosting productivity and lowering downtime. It is an excellent component for IIoT and I4.0 systems.

Providing an integrated pressure measurement cell, a full coloured OLED display and four switching outputs, the device supplies users with all the advantages of a modern electronic pressure switch, gauge and a transmitter. The four switching points and switch-back points may be altered simply and independently utilising the onboard capacitive touch keypad.

The device's integrated IIoT wireless connectivity delivers programming through a mobile app (Android/iOS) and a secure cloud-based dashboard which can be used to access multiple Ogauges.

Key features of the Ogauge include IIoT capability, two configurable analogue output signals, four independently configurable relays rated at 5A, 250VAC, simple operation via key programming (simpler still via mobile app), IP66 protection, integrated pressure sensor with stainless steel membrane (special materials available) and can be paired to a mobile via app to check live pressures. Accuracy of 0.25% is standard (finer accuracies are available) and can be set to display values in any unit of measurement such as kN, kg, psi, full colour OLED informative alpha numeric with full LED display bar graph, and a single Ogauge can be used as a pressure gauge or a force gauge or a level gauge.

By Natasha Shek