Energy harvest module offers high efficiency and high performance

29-06-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Power

MATRIX Industries PRMT11-18305-30 Prometheus Energy Harvesting Module, available now from Mouser, converts thermal energy between small temperature gradients into useful electrical output, allowing users to power a device or recharge a battery or supercapacitor. The device integrates a Gemini Thermoelectric Generator with a Mercury Energy Harvesting Boost Converter. This patented technology provides perfect electrical impedance matching between the TEG and its companion Boost Converter.

The module is provided in an 18mm x 30mm x 5.1mm form factor. It features a start up from a temperature difference as low as 0.5C. The module provides a wide range of thermal impedances for a variety of applications. No additional charger circuitry is required, and it works with a variety of battery types.

Typical application areas include wearables and watches, IoT devices, sensor networks, wireless transmitters, and battery chargers.