DIN rail power supplies offer economical and ultra-slim design

10-06-2022 | TTI Europe | Power

TTI, Inc now stocks the HDR-30 and HDR-60 series of DIN rails AC/DC power from Mean Well. These economical, ultra-slim units fulfil the auxiliary power services, such as energy monitoring, billing, control, and connectivity, for wall-mounted AC EV charging points where space is limited.

These series adapt to be installed on TS-35/7.5 or TS-35/15 mountings rails, the 30W HDR-30 has a body width of 35mm (2SU), and the 60W HDR-60 a 52.5mm (3SU) width providing space savings inside cabinets. Models in the two series accept a universal input of 85VAC to 264VAC (277VAC operational) and conform to EN 61000-3-2 harmonic current requirements.

The units are overvoltage category III (OVC III) rated, satisfying the requirements for hard-wired equipment with a permanent connection to the fixed installation. They meet EN 61558-2-16 and IEC/EN 62368 safety standards with a no-load power consumption of lower than 0.3W and an isolation Class II input needing no earth ground, making them an extremely competitive power supply solution for domestic and outdoor EV charging points. Also, they can function between -30C and +70C under convection cooling, allowing EV charging point manufacturers to produce quiet running and extremely reliable designs.

“We have got the power!” said Oskar Czechowski, technical development manager for Power, TTI Europe. “The HDR-30 and HDR-60 DIN rail power supplies meet the needs of EV charge point manufacturers – their ultra-compact design, high efficiency, and low standby power consumption enable designers to meet eco-design directives.”

By Natasha Shek