Conductive polymer aluminium solid capacitors offer alternative to aluminium capacitors

30-06-2022 | TTI Europe | Passives

TTI Europe now stocks aluminium polymer solid capacitors from Panasonic Industry Europe. The devices are characterised by a long-life span and high ripple current rating with stable ESR throughout the extended temperature range. They are excellent for industrial applications such as advanced power supply and lighting circuitry.

“Passive component specifiers and buyers face immense challenges because of limited availability, particularly for aluminium capacitors that have lead times stretching out to over a year,” says Felix Corbett, director of supplier marketing – Passives, TTI Europe. “Our stock position for Panasonic’s OS-CON aluminium polymer solid capacitors is the biggest in the market and offers an excellent alternative.”

The OS-CON capacitors offer a rated voltage range of 2.5VDC to 100VDC, capacitance from 3.3µF to 2700µF, and low ESR down to 6.5mOhm. The wide temperature rating of -55C up to +125C proves these parts' robustness and long life and allows operation in high-reliability applications.

By Natasha Shek