CMOS operational amplifiers offer precision in a small package

17-06-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Texas Instruments OPA3S328 CMOS Op-Amps, available now from Mouser, offer precision, low-voltage, and low-input bias-current in a small package. The device provides integrated switches that are optimised for flexible transimpedance applications. The device features low input bias current and low input capacitance, allowing high-frequency transimpedance gains at low photocurrent operation (<1nA).

The CMOS Op-Amps compiles integrated switches, low offset, and rail-to-rail output performance to facilitate high accuracy across multiple decades of current values. A small package and integrated switches allow the device to access selectable transimpedance gains and help lower size for space-constrained applications.

The zero-crossover input technology provided on the device permits the flexibility for the input common-mode range to span the complete supply range with no offset deviations. It provides the enable-disable capability to allow for portable, handheld applications in test and measurement. When disabled, the output impedance is typically 100GOhm, providing for wired-OR applications using multiple transimpedance channels.

Typical application aras include optical transport inter-dc interconnect, optical module, optical network terminal unit, small cell base station, DMM, and DAQ.