SMD ring core chokes offer superior EMI suppression characteristics

06-05-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Passives

EPCOS/TDK CMC Series SMD Ring Core Chokes, available now from Mouser, feature a low height and compact design with superior EMI suppression characteristics.

These current-compensated ring core double chokes provide a range of approximately 0.4% to 1.2% stray inductance for differential-mode interference suppression. The B82720S0 chokes also offer a 1.8A rated current at +40C and 0.88mH nominal inductance. The B82721S0 type provides 2.7A to 5.6A rated current at +40C and nominal inductance from 0.22mH to 3mH. The B82722S0 chokes have a 3.25A to 19A rated current at +40C with 0.16mH to 5.6mH nominal inductance. The series is constructed with sector windings and a ferrite core with epoxy coating. They are RoHS compatible and ideal for reflow soldering.

Applications include suppression of common-mode interferences, DC-DC power converters, low voltage, and more.