RF power delivery platform for industrial plasma applications

10-05-2022 | Advanced Energy | Power

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. offers a comprehensive RF power delivery solution that integrates advanced digitally-controlled power supplies with an accurate digital impedance matching network. Developed for thin-film industrial applications, the ALTA platform provides versatile, accurate and repeatable control that improves process stability and delivers best-in-class yield.

The platform incorporates a 13.56MHz rack-mounted power supply with power levels from 1.5kW to 6kW and a 13.56MHz tapped digital matching network. The series is optimised for plasma-based industrial processes requiring accurate, reliable and repeatable precision power delivery, incorporating solar panel, flat panel display, precision optics and automotive glass manufacturing.

“As thin-film manufacturing technologies evolve and rapid plasma transitions become the norm, there is a growing demand for power solutions that combine precise RF control with dynamic response to rapid plasma changes,” said Dhaval Dhayatkar, senior director of marketing, Plasma Power at Advanced Energy. “The ALTA power supply offers several advanced features including frequency tuning, real-time power and impedance measurement, tight power regulation, arc management and phase synchronisation.”

The power supplies include full digital control and dynamic response to rapid plasma changes to assure robust and reliable delivery. The matching network delivers tuning versatility with a tapped coil system that can be adjusted to accommodate various impedance ranges. Repeatable response reduces delivered power deviations between matches and run-to-run under various operating conditions.

By employing advanced digital architecture, the platform allows extremely precise process measurement and control and seamless system integration with state-of-the-art communication interfaces including EtherCAT and Profinet.

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