Protecting drones with EMI shielding and thermal interface materials

17-05-2022 | Parker Chomerics | Subs & Systems

Parker Chomerics has released new solutions to protect drones from EMI and overheating.

Drones functioning near cell phone towers, buildings, antennae, high-voltage power lines and other obstacles can be affected by serious EMI, compromising performance and safety. Another major issue is overheating, induced by the high processing load on the drone's electronics and the powerful rotors.

To satisfy these requirements, the company's CHOFORM 5575, Form-In-Place (FIP) EMI gasket is employed. This robotically dispensed material can be applied straight onto the aluminium casting of the drone to act as a barrier, preventing the electrical circuits from talking to each other and inducing premature failure. The product is a moisture cured silver-plated aluminium filled silicone material providing up to 80dB shielding effectiveness.

Utilising an FIP gasket saves up to 60% of space and weight in the drone housing, as flanges may be as narrow as 0.025" (0.76mm). When dispensed onto aluminium, it has a high corrosion resistance, preventing galvanic corrosion in the electronic enclosure.

To mitigate thermal effects, Parker Chomerics has developed THERM-A-GAP GEL 37. Providing a 3.7W/m-K thermal conductivity, this product is employed to conduct the heat from the chipset to the drone's enclosure.

This pre-cured, single component thermal gel material can be dispensed directly onto the chipset by automation, significantly lessening production time. The gel has a soft, paste consistency, eliminating any stress on the electronic components and requires no mixing or curing.

The EMI shielding and a thermal solution to the drone through automated methods improve productivity and reduce time to market.