New reduced size current transducer for demanding applications

17-05-2022 | Danisense | Power

Danisense launches its new DT series of ultra-stable, high precision (ppm class) fluxgate technology current transducers for isolated DC and AC measurements up to 200Arms. Benefiting from a considerably reduced size with 60% less volume than the previous product generation, the devices provide a large frequency bandwidth of up to 2MHz and a primary current ranging from 50A up to 200A.

The series current transducers use the company's Fluxgate, closed-loop compensated technology with fixed excitation frequency and second harmonic zero flux detection for best-in-class accuracy and stability. Excellent linearity (better than 2ppm), an industry-standard DSUB 9-pin connection, a green diode for normal operation indication and a large aperture with 20.7mm diameter for cables and bus bars are additional features of the components.

The series current transducers are excellent for applications including high precision power supplies for laboratories, accelerators and medical equipment where size is an important factor as designs for such power supplies are becoming smaller and smaller to increase power density and lower costs. Size is also essential for the embedded power measurement application for cars, where setting the transducers in a compact motor and inverters environment is always a challenge. The large frequency bandwidth of the series is another advantage for such power measurement applications.

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