New portfolio of application-specific MOSFETs for airbags

18-05-2022 | Nexperia | Automotive Technologies

Nexperia has released a new portfolio of application specific MOSFETs (ASFETs) for automobile airbag applications, headlining with the BUK9M20-60EL single N-channel 60V 13mOhm logic level MOSFET in LFPAK33 packaging. ASFETs are MOSFETs that have been developed and optimised for use in one application. This portfolio is the latest range of other ASFETs that the company offers for battery isolation, motor control, hot-swap, and PoE applications.

The devices use the company's new enhanced SOA technology, tailored to offer outstanding transient linear mode performance, a key performance metric in airbag applications. They achieve this performance in new LFPAK33 packaging, which utilises 84% less board space when compared to older DPAK packaging while still maintaining robustness.

"Other similar products use older DPAK packaging and are typically based on DMOS and first-generation trench technologies which are being gradually retired by many silicon manufacturers," according to Norman Stapelberg, senior product marketing manager at Nexperia. "This portfolio of ASFETs uses a combination of the latest silicon trench technology and LFPAK packaging, allowing it to meet the most recent reliability standards. Using the latest manufacturing and packaging technologies makes the supply chain more sustainable and empowers Nexperia to increase capacity to meet the demands of a growing market for these products."

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