High isolation DC-DC converters for medical/industrial and ICT applications

13-05-2022 | Cosel | Power

COSEL Co, Ltd has added a new series of high isolation 6W DC-DC converters for medical, industrial and ICT applications. Packaged in a SIP type 8, the COSEL MH6 series offers reinforced isolation of 3kVAC and 4.2kVDC, complying with medical isolation standards (2MOOP (250VAC working voltage)) and ruggedised for industrial applications that might imply differential IN/OUT voltage. Three input voltages (4.5V-18V; 9V – 36V and 18V -76V) and a large variety of single (MHFS6) and dual output (MHFW6) cover a large range of applications. Designed for performance, the MH6 has only 20pF max insulation capacitance, decreasing noise transfer. The COSEL MH is a unique design from the company and is covered by a five-year warranty.

Created with high reliability in mind, the series has reinforced insulation, sustains 3kVAC and 4.2kVAC isolation test in accordance to safety standards and its transformer is designed to maintain differential voltage that may happen in industrial applications. With vast expertise in designing power supplies for equipment using IGBT drivers, its designers applied high-power high-isolation best practice to the low power 6W MH6 series to decrease isolation fatigue resulting from differential high voltage happening in motor control or IGBT driver. The company conducted tests and verifications and provided life expectancy curves supporting system architects developing Gate Controllers for industrial equipment to apply proper design rules and cautions in the Application Manual.

To decrease the user's board space, the series is housed in a SIP8 packaging measuring 26mm x 12mm x 5mm [1.03" x 0.48" x 0.38"] (WxHxD) and with a weight of 8g maximum. The power supply complies with the RoHS directive and is CE marked in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive.