Environmental sensor nodes for reliable air quality data

23-05-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Mouser now stocks the SEN5x environmental sensor nodes from Sensirion. Optimised with multiple sensing parameters, the device nodes allow designers to save valuable R&D, BOM and assembly costs by delivering an all-in-one sensor solution that replaces multiple environmental sensors.

The environmental sensor nodes help improve end customers’ health and comfort by accurately measuring and reporting the levels of relevant indoor pollutants in particulate matter, VOCs, NOx and O3, humidity, and temperature in various air quality applications. The advanced sensors provide easy integration, fully calibrated outputs with a digital interface, and superior measurement of vital air quality parameters in a single device versus multiple sensor components. The sensor nodes offer one driver for up to eight data signals and accomplish all operations and communications via an I²C interface.

The nodes provide integrated proprietary measurement algorithms, including VOC/NOx index calculation, humidity compensation, and temperature compensation, which allow straightforward integration into HVAC and air quality applications. Together with the temperature compensation engine, the devices also include a Sensirion Temperature Acceleration Routine engine, which speeds the devices’ response to ambient temperature changes by a factor of two to three.

The sensor nodes have a lifetime of over ten years and are offered in a compact 52.8mm × 43.6mm × 22.3mm form factor. For evaluation and development, Mouser also offers the SEK-SEN5x evaluation kit.

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