Accurate power analyser enables precise verification of power losses in transformers

27-05-2022 | Yokogawa | Test & Measurement

Yokogawa has released the WT5000 Precision Power Analyser - Transformer Version, which helps transformer manufacturers develop and validate the losses of highly efficient products for utility industry customers.

The analyser assists manufacturers in achieving the highly accurate analysis demanded to develop economic and efficient transformers. The instrument is equipped with a special input module that offers far better uncertainty specifications for transformer testing.

The device is the company's most accurate power analyser, offering an accuracy of 0.008% at unity power factor and offering the best accuracies at low power factors for commercial frequencies of 45Hz to 66Hz. Low power factors have a dramatic effect on accuracy. The instrument provides an accuracy of 0.6% of the measurement reading, even at a power factor as low as 0.001 at 100V and 1A.

Kelvin Hagebeuk, marketing manager – Test and Measurement, says: "Whether during R&D, production, or acceptance testing, the WT5000 Precision Power Analyser - Transformer Version produces the reliable measurements that engineers need as they seek to improve transformer efficiencies and verify the losses to reduce the total cost of ownership for utility companies."

The analyser is optimised by ISO17025 accredited calibration at 53Hz at power factors of 1, 0.5, 0.05, 0.01 and 0.001. Further calibration up to 100kHz assures performance when measuring distorted waveforms, for example, throughout no-load loss current measurements of transformers. This allows the integrated transformer measurement system to measure power losses accurately and capture any drift outside the limits described in the IEC60076-8 Standard.

Providing a full touchscreen supported by hardware hotkeys and powerful software for remote data capture, the device delivers a seamless and intuitive experience that makes connecting, configuring, and measuring easier. The 10.1" WXGA touchscreen provides excellent noise immunity even in high-noise environments.

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