New wireless kit delivers Edge networking innovation

08-04-2022 | Advantech | Design & Manufacture

Advantech has released the latest member of its AIW-100 series – AIW-166K. This innovative Wi-Fi 6E wireless kit is an advanced future-proof offering in Advantech’s Industrial Wireless (AIW) portfolio. It is intended for industrial solutions that need faster throughput, high transmission rates, and extended battery life. The wireless module supports dual-stream Wi-Fi in the 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz bands, making the kit an excellent option for medical equipment, transportation devices, AI, and retail kiosks. The wireless kit comprises a Wi-Fi 6E module, antennas, and cables for product development testing, which lowers overall development effort and speeds edge networking applications’ time to market.

The kit with Wi-Fi 6E capability offers higher speed and bandwidth previously unavailable with Wi-Fi 5, speeding up data rates from 433Mb/s to 600Mb/s under the 80MHz spec 6933Mb/s to 9607Mb/s in the 160MHz range. Apart from much faster speeds and greater bandwidth, the main difference is that Wi-Fi 6 improves the status from single-user MIMO and OFDMA in wave 1 and 2 to multi-user MIMO and OFDMA.

Designed for AGV Applications and Medical Devices the kit improves the Wi-Fi 5 range from 312.5kHz to 781.25kHz. This signal cover range signifies fewer delays and better performance. AGV vehicles in manufacturing warehouses and facilities will accomplish their tasks better while saving on manpower costs, reducing human error, and improving production safety.

In addition, the solution will increase throughput by up to 25%. According to demand, hospitals and clinics need powerful systems to analyse data for accurate diagnoses and to help procedures in a critical accident and emergency departments. Data needs to go through wireless systems, which are critical future-proof requirements for medical devices and equipment.