New N-channel power MOSFET improves power supply efficiency

05-04-2022 | Toshiba | Power

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has released a new 150V N-channel power MOSFET that utilises the latest generation U-MOSX-H process to reduce losses significantly. Further, voltage spikes between the drain and source throughout switching have been lowered, improving EMI performance within switching power supplies.

The new device is suitable for various applications, including switching power supplies within industrial equipment, and applications in communication base stations and data centres.

The new TPH9R00CQH MOSFET offers a very low drain-source on-resistance (RDS(ON)) of only 9mOhm (max. @ VGS=10V). This represents a reduction of approximately 42% compared to the existing 150V product (TPH1500CNH) based upon the current generation U-MOSVIII-H process. Key FoM, including RDS(ON) x QSW and RDS(ON) x QOSS, have decreased by approximately 20% and 28%, respectively, further enhancing performance.

Through careful optimisation of the device structure, charge characteristics have been enhanced. With a total gate charge (Qg) of only 44nC and a gate switch charge (QSW) of 11.7nC, the device delivers excellent performance, particularly in high-speed applications.

The new device provides two SMD package options – SOP Advance (5mm x 6mm) and SOP Advance(N) (4.9mm x 6.1mm), which can be selected to fulfil the requirements of any application.

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