Hybrid capacitors replace batteries in eco-friendly TV remote

21-04-2022 | VINATech | Passives

VINATech Co. has announced that its VPC (Vina Pulse Capacitor) hybrid capacitors are employed in the new 2022 eco-friendly solar cell TV remote control for Samsung Electronics' Neo QLED TV. This is the first time globally that a hybrid capacitor has replaced the battery as the primary power source in a TV remote control.

The new Eco Remote uses the VINATech VPC hybrid capacitor and energy-harvesting technology. This allows charging to take place even in the dark. VPC is a high power density, eco-friendly hybrid capacitor that has been created by the company's R&D team employing innovative technology and expertise. A VPC hybrid capacitor combines the benefits of supercapacitors and batteries by utilising different materials for both electrodes.

A supercapacitor is an energy storage device appropriate for instantaneous high-power output. Advantages are high-speed charging and discharging, a long lifespan, and a wide operating temperature range. But supercapacitors have less energy density than batteries. In contrast, VPCs have an energy density about ten times higher than that of a supercapacitor of the same size. They also retain the advantages of supercapacitors, such as a faster charging and discharging speed than batteries and the ability to operate in a wide temperature range from -25C to 85C. Also, unlike batteries, there is no risk of fire or explosion with a VPC.

VPCs are made of eco-friendly materials that help reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the full lifecycle from production to disposal. They are also optimised for eco-friendliness because of a charging/discharging lifespan of more than 50,000 cycles – 100 times longer than batteries.

VINATech's CEO Do Kyong Sung said: "VINATech's products are being recognised by the leading companies around the world for their high performance and quality. We will do our best to create an eco-friendly future through our continuous R&D efforts."

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