Digital microscope camera offers outstanding value

19-04-2022 | Olympus | Test & Measurement

The Olympus LC35 microscope camera makes capturing quality brightfield images affordable. With a 3.5MP CMOS sensor and versatile exposure times and resolution modes, the camera offers quality brightfield images in a cost-effective package.

Flexible for use with various samples under multiple observation conditions, the camera provides the detail required for routine imaging, inspection and documentation. The frame rate of up to 40fps makes navigating around the sample fast to accomplish precise focusing and fast image capture.

The camera integrates seamlessly with the company's life science and industrial imaging systems, including complete microscope set-up assistance, software support and optical compatibility. Customers can use the free LCmicro software for basic imaging and documentation, whilst advanced image analysis is achievable using cellSens software for life science and OLYMPUS Stream and PRECiV software for industrial applications.

Installing the camera is easy – a single USB 3.1 cord provides power and a fast connection to your PC or laptop. The camera effortlessly mounts to any light microscope utilising different C-mount adaptors. Using the camera is just as simple. With just a little training, operators can employ the camera to its full potential, including interactive measurements, commenting on images, archiving and creating reports.

By Natasha Shek