Augmented reality system simplifies microscope-based manufacturing

29-04-2022 | Olympus | Test & Measurement

The Olympus SZX-AR1 augmented reality system readily retrofits to existing SZX series stereo microscopes to ease complex microscope-based manufacturing tasks and simplify assembler training. Assembly instructions, manuals, images and instructional videos may be projected in the microscope’s field of view so that assemblers can work more efficiently.

The microscope-based assembly process can need the assembler to stop many times to consult instructions or to remember these instructions before starting their work. Repeatedly removing one’s eyes from the microscope oculars is inefficient, and memorising directions could lead to mistakes.

The unit solves these challenges by allowing instructions to be projected directly in the microscope’s field of view. Now, assemblers can complete their work without removing their eyes from the oculars or tediously memorising complex sets of directions.

If there’s a problem during the manufacturing process, an assembler may use third-party collaboration software, such as Microsoft Teams, to share a live view via their oculars with an offsite manager or engineer for guidance. The unit’s image and video recording abilities make documenting any issues fast and simple.

Rather than relying on an onsite trainer to instruct new employees about every assembly process step, the system allows users to receive training while they’re looking through their microscope’s oculars, maintaining focus and making the process faster and more efficient.

Using the system, the trainer and trainee no longer require to be in the same place, eradicating travel costs. Manufacturers also can use video recordings to train new employees rather than a live trainer, as the instructions may be projected directly on the sample through the microscope’s field of view.

By Natasha Shek