Thickness gauge measures ultra-thin layers at high speed

07-03-2022 | Olympus | Test & Measurement

The new Olympus 72DL PLUS ultrasonic thickness gauge offers precision thickness measurements at high speed in a portable, simple-to-use device. With fast scanning, advanced algorithms and lowest-ever minimum thickness capability, the gauge can measure the thickness of very thin layers for challenging applications over many industries.

Whether employed as a paint thickness gauge, coating thickness gauge or material thickness gauge, the instrument provides reliable, lab-quality measurements to maximise productivity and throughput on the production floor.

Capable of displaying up to six layers at once for multilayer coatings, plastics, paint, and other materials, the gauge includes a full-colour touch screen and five measurement layouts to accurately track and visualise thickness changes.

Guided workflow makes it simpler to create and save an application setup. Inspectors can store and recall settings for routine applications to simplify device setup prior to each inspection.

Built-in data logging and onboard file management gives streamlined thickness data collection and processing, while the PC Interface Application comprises intuitive tools to review and manage data for multiple devices and parts. Connected and cloud-capable for Industry 4.0 practices, the gauge supports wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity and integrates into the Olympus Scientific Cloud.

Created for industrial environments, the gauge can be employed indoors and outdoors, on a work surface, or utilising a four-point chest harness or shoulder strap. The gauge meets defence drop-test standards (MIL-STD-810G) to guard against accidental drops or impacts, is created to meet IP65 demands to protect against dust and moisture, and takes reliable measurements in hot and cold climates with an excellent operating temperature range of –10C to 50C (14F to 122F).

These thickness gauges are provided in Standard and High-Frequency models. The High-Frequency model can drive transducer frequencies up to 125MHz to measure ultra-thin materials – including multilayer paint, plastics, metals and coatings – and simultaneously display the thickness of up to six layers. The gauge offers up to 2kHz measurement speeds, a 60Hz display update, and clean signals for fast, accurate measurements.

By Natasha Shek