Exploring emerging trends and topics in RISC-V architecture

14-03-2022 | Mouser Electronics | New Technologies

Mouser has launched the 2022 series of its Empowering Innovation Together program. This year's series comprises six instalments that spotlight a leading-edge technology that is pivotal in transforming significant industries. The 2022 series delivers a broad variety of timely and insightful resources such as podcast episodes, articles, videos, blogs and infographics that focus on technology trends such as private 5G networks, autonomous mobile robots and more.

The first instalment of the series focuses on the RISC-V open-source instruction set architecture, including a new episode of The Tech Between Us podcast. The podcast episode is available on the company's website, Alexa, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Pandora and Spotify.

"We are thrilled to debut the 2022 EIT program, which will delve deeper into the technology shaping the world around us," says Glenn Smith, president and CEO of Mouser Electronics, a leading global distributor of the newest semiconductors and electronic components. "The promise of RISC-V lies in lowering barriers to adoption and innovation, and this first instalment offers engineers the resources and discussions they need to stay at the forefront of this technology."

In the podcast's debut episode, Raymond Yin, the company's director of Technical Content, is joined by Mark Himelstein, CTO of RISC-V International, for a lively discussion about the origin of the open-source ISA. The two also examine new developments in the RISC-V specification and predictions about what is in store for the future of the expanding ecosystem.

"I'm excited for listeners to hear my conversation with Raymond in this new podcast episode," shares Himelstein. "Together, we give insight into the benefits of RISC-V, its open-source nature and how it can increase stability, security and scalability."

After RISC V, the program will investigate immersive technologies, creating for security, driver monitor systems, private 5G networks and autonomous mobile robots. The program will highlight diverse new product developments and uncover the technical developments required to keep pace with innovation in the marketplace.

The RISC-V content is sponsored by the company's valued manufacturer partners, IAR Systems, Microchip Technology, Microsemi, Seeed Studio, SEGGER Microcontroller, SiFive, and Terasic Technologies.

By Natasha Shek