Added security and flexibility for Wi-Fi devices with new RP-SMA jacks

11-03-2022 | Amphenol | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Amphenol RF has expanded its SMA connector series with further reverse polarity (RP) configurations. These RP-SMA jacks are compact and lightweight connectors featuring a high-strength design for employment with multiple ultraminiature micro-coax cable types. RP-SMA front-mount bulkhead and crimp jacks are excellent for vibration resistance applications that need a less bulky, flexible solution such as Wi-Fi devices.

These jacks deliver excellent electrical performance up to 6GHz and provide the same secure threaded coupling mechanism as the standard SMA interface. They are constructed with durable gold plated, brass bodies and gold-plated, beryllium copper contacts. The straight crimp versions of this connector are produced with a larger back end which improves the compatibility options of other connectors that could be paired with them. While the extra bulkhead RP-SMA can be fastened on the inside of a panel or enclosure to deliver extra security for sensitive systems.

The connectors employed with micro-coax cable types provide a high degree of flexibility which can stabilise the electrical characteristics even if bent. This interface is highly versatile and can be used for wide design possibilities in various applications and conditions.

By Natasha Shek