Vehicle integration platform helps accelerate software development

25-02-2022 | NXP | Automotive & Transport

NXP Semiconductors has launched the S32G GoldVIP to help address real-time and application development challenges of software-defined vehicles using S32G vehicle network processors. This groundbreaking vehicle integration platform provides multiple value propositions for S32G processor evaluation, software development and rapid prototyping efforts. Users can observe its performance out-of-the-box with real-time use cases and resource monitoring. Pre-integration of NXP, open-source and third-party software, including secure cloud connectivity and OTA update services, enables developers to focus on creating new connected vehicle services instead of software infrastructure. Combined with the S32G Reference Design Board or GoldBox Service-oriented Gateway reference design, users can more easily deploy rapid product prototypes for desktop, lab and in-vehicle applications.

Its pre-integration delivers a platform that abstracts hardware to allow developers to create new vehicle services immediately. GoldVIP integrates the company's S32G Standard and Reference software and the Xen Project Type 1 hypervisor to provide isolated Linux virtual machines. The vehicle integration platform provides a high degree of flexibility and adaptability built upon the Linux ecosystem and supports the deployment of user-space Linux applications. It also delivers a rapid prototyping environment with Java and Python supported by local and remote cloud graphical user interfaces and secure cloud connectivity.

Partner software integration includes the Airbiquity OTAmatic client for OTA updates, AWS IoT Greengrass V2 edge runtime for secure cloud services, Elektrobit tresos AUTOSAR Classic Platform, and Argus Cyber Security Intrusion Detection and Prevention System for CAN and Ethernet.

It can scale by integrating new capabilities to satisfy emerging market demands and continue to support customers’ software-defined vehicle efforts. NXP has plans to expand GoldVIP with AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform support, ML inferencing with NXP eIQ Auto Deep Learning tool support and container orchestration to streamline vehicle services deployment. The platform can also extend additional partner software integration capabilities in future releases.

“The new S32G GoldVIP offers a tremendous level of software integration and insights that can accelerate silicon evaluation and software development efforts by our customers and partners,” said Brian Carlson, global marketing director for Vehicle Control and Networking Solutions at NXP. “GoldVIP raises the bar for silicon software enablement to address the needs of software-defined vehicles and to provide a scalable platform for rapid development of new vehicle services.”

By Natasha Shek