Smallest SD card level translator offers 40% smaller footprint

18-02-2022 | Nexperia | Semiconductors

Nexperia offers what is claimed to be the world's smallest SD card level translator IC - NXS0506UP. Housed in a 16-bump wafer-level chip-scale package, the SD 3.0-compliant bi-directional dual-voltage level translator provides a footprint of just 1.45mm x 1.45mm x 0.45mm, 0.35mm pitch, 40% smaller than past 20 bump devices. It also offers integrated auto-direction control, EMI filter and IEC 61000-4-2 ESD protection. It is intended to operate at clock frequencies of up to 208MHz and data rates of up to 104Mbps.

Comments Vikram Singh Parihar, senior product manager at Nexperia: "While traditionally targeted for use in consumer devices such as smartphone handsets, notebooks, gamepads, cameras and wireless access points, we are seeing adoption of the NXS0506 in-home medical devices and automotive systems. The NXS0506 is the industry's smallest SD 3.0 card level shifter that supports the ultra-high-speed SDR104 mode, helping consumers to experience the faster data rates offered by SD 3.0 memory card solutions."

The new SD card level translator also provides integrated pull-up and pull-down resistors to decrease the BOM cost. Devices deliver direct connection to the latest host CPU/SOC ASICs and are simple to use because DATA and CMD channels are swappable with no impact on functionality.

Vikram Singh Parihar adds: "Nexperia has been able to reduce the size of these new translators thanks to the use of newer process nodes and innovative wafer-level chip-scale package (WLCSP), which is discussed more in a new video. NXS0506UP SD card level translators are available now."

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