Optoelectronics line offers six new high-power infrared emitters

24-02-2022 | New Yorker Electronics | Lighting Technologies

New Yorker Electronics has widened its optoelectronics portfolio by releasing six new high-power IR emitters in a 3.4mm x 3.4mm three-SMD, no lead surface-mount package. These new Vishay Semiconductors IR emitters are offered in 850nm and 960nm wavelengths and heights varying from 1.8mm to 2.9mm.

Built on Vishay’s SurfLight surface emitter chip technology, the new VVSMA1085400 (2.9mm), VSMA1085250 (2.45mm), VSMA1085600 (1.8mm), VSMA1094400 (2.9mm), VSMA1094250 (2.45mm), and VSMA1094600 (1.8mm) are infrared, 850nm emitting diodes that provide a double-stack emitter chip for highest radiant power. The 42mil chip size permits for 1.5A DC operation and supports pulsed currents up to 5A.

The series offers a J-STD-020-rated floor life of 168h and an ESD up to 5kV according to ANSI, ESDA, JEDEC JS-001). The Vishay VMSA was also created with low thermal resistance (6K/W

By Natasha Shek