New USB camera with high dynamic range and dual-stream support

14-02-2022 | Rutronik | Test & Measurement

e-con Systems has released its e-CAM83_USB, an 8 MP colour UVC compliant USB 2.0 high-speed camera with dual-stream support and High Dynamic Range.

The device is based on Sony's IMX317, a 1/2.5" sensor. The dual-stream capability of this 4K HDR USB camera enables it to receive two streams with different resolutions simultaneously. e-CAM83_USB also comes with the High Dynamic Range feature that helps to capture image data in challenging lighting conditions without any detail loss. This camera's H.264 video encoding capability ensures high-quality transmission of full-motion video by consuming a minimal amount of bandwidth. This camera has a high-performance built-in Image Signal Processor, which helps in providing the best possible output by leveraging HDR processing, auto white balance, auto gain control, and auto exposure functions.

This 4K USB camera ensures faster time to market for building Microsoft Teams compliant video conferencing devices. Also, this camera can use any DirectShow application, including Skype and Zoom.

"The need for virtual and touchless interactions in the post-pandemic world increased the demand for video conferencing devices, telepresence and avatar robots, ATM kiosks, Airport kiosks, etc. These devices require cameras with features such as 4K resolution, dual streaming, HDR, and a high-performance ISP. We have designed e-CAM83_USB with these key features to help the product developers take their video conferencing and remote streaming devices to the market faster with this ready to integrate camera solution," said Ranjith Kumar, product manager at e-con Systems.

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