High current shielded power inductors offer enhanced mechanical strength

25-02-2022 | Bourns | Passives

Bourns, Inc offers two new automotive-grade high current shielded power inductor series that provides enhanced mechanical strength for harsh vibration application environments. The Bourns Model SRP1038WA and SRP1265WA shielded power inductor series are created with a broader side terminal leadframe able to withstand 15G typical or 30G peak vibrations, surpassing the 5G demanded by the AEC-Q200 standard by a factor of three and six times, respectively. Vibration testing was conducted according to MIL-STD-202 Method 204. The two series also offer a compact package, low DC resistance, high saturation current, low buzz noise and excellent temperature stability over a wide temperature range of –55C to +165C. Thes features make the automotive-grade, AEC-Q200 compliant power inductors excellent for power management and EMI filtering in a expansive range of vehicle, consumer, industrial and telecom electronics applications.

The two new series add advanced capabilities to its industry-leading shielded power inductor portfolio by improving the width of the side terminal frame by more than 50% compared to current models with no increase in the package size or required PCB area. The company employs a uniquely-formulated metal alloy powder core and bonding agent and employs a moulded construction manufacturing process where the magnetically shielded design provides for low radiation while the metal alloy powder core delivers high saturation current. The high temperature-grade materials used allow a broad operating temperature range ideal for many types of harsh environment applications. The maximum operating temperature of +165C for these new models is 10% higher than standard Model SRP-A power inductors, and the latest models offer more headroom to sustain the rated operating current even under challenging environmental conditions.