eMMC solutions simplify designs and save space

04-02-2022 | Alliance Memory | Semiconductors

Alliance Memory has released two new industrial-grade eMMC solutions. For solid-state storage in consumer, industrial, and networking applications, the 4GB ASFC4G31M-51BIN and 8GB ASFC8G31M-51BIN integrate NAND flash memory with an eMMC controller and FTL management software in a single 11.5mm x 13mm 153-ball FBGA package.

The devices are compliant with the JEDEC eMMC v5.1 industry-standard, supporting features such as boot operation, replay protected memory block (RPMB), device health report, power-off notification, field firmware updates, enhanced strobe features for quicker and more reliable operation, write levelling, secure trim/erase, high-priority interrupt, and high-speed HS200 and HS400 modes. The ASFC4G31M-51BIN and ASFC8G31M-51BIN are also backwards-compatible with eMMC v4.5 and v5.0.

The eMMCs will be employed in smartwatches, digital TVs, set-top boxes, tablets, VR and AR headsets, infotainment, CCTV, surveillance, digital cameras, automation, point-of-sale systems, and emerging embedded applications. For designers, the devices simplify designs for fast and easy system integration in these products — speeding up product development and time to market — while saving Space by removing the requirement for an external controller. Also, the devices' FTL software offers high reliability and stable performance with wear levelling and bad block management.

The devices function over an industrial temperature range of -40C to +85C and provide programmable bus widths of x1, x4, and x8. The devices' NAND memory with internal LDO can be powered with a single 3V supply voltage, while the controller can be powered by 1.8V or 3V dual supply voltages.

By Natasha Shek