New generation low-voltage MOSFET for smartphones battery protection

18-01-2022 | MagnaChip | Power

Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation has released new generation LV MOSFETs offering lower Rss(on) for smartphone battery PCMs.

The company has created the new generation LV MOSFETs with advanced overvoltage and overcurrent protection features to improve battery life and decrease overheating issues.

The Rss(on) of this new 6.5G product is 20% lower than the earlier version with the same chip size to reduce current loss and improve heat dissipation. This lower Rss(on) controls a high-power density above 25W to stop a battery from overheating and guarding the PCM while the battery is being fast-charged. Also, PCM functionality has been enhanced by an upgraded ESD protection diode. This diode mitigates a maximum of 2kV, based on the human-body model, of ESD to strengthen circuit protection and stop damage to other smartphone components. Together with this powerful battery protection, the size of the chip was notably decreased to satisfy the demands of new smartphone models.

“Despite the current global chip shortage, we are confident that we can maintain a strong supplier capability for our customers as an integrated device manufacturer for these new 6.5G products,” said YJ Kim, CEO of Magnachip. “We will continue to maintain a close rapport with our existing customers and expand our presence in the global market at the same time.”