New Bluetooth LE SoC for IoT smart home and industrial applications

10-01-2022 | Infineon | Semiconductors

Infineon Technologies AG offers the AIROC CYW20829 Bluetooth® LE SoC. The SoC is a Bluetooth 5.3 core spec-compliant device for IoT, smart home and industrial applications. With the best combination of low power and high performance, it is created to support the complete spectrum of BLE use cases for home automation, sensors, Bluetooth Mesh, lighting, remote controls and any other Bluetooth LE-connected IoT application.

“With Infineon’s AIROC CYW20829 Bluetooth LE SoC, designers won’t have to choose between low power and high performance,” said Sonal Chandrasekharan, vice president of the Bluetooth product line at Infineon. “The device has been designed from the ground up with efficient peripheral design, low leakage silicon with scalable and efficient MIPS, and a low power Bluetooth radio. The solution offers superior RF performance for reliable, robust connections, enabling the best user experience in the latest smart, connected devices.”

The new device integrates a power amplifier with 10dBm of transmit output power and has receive sensitivity of -98.5dBm for LE and -106 dBm for LE-LR 125Kbps for the best link budget in the AIROC Bluetooth portfolio. The best-in-class RF performance provides reliable, robust connectivity with no compromise for low power – making it excellent for a broad range of applications in smart home, smart building, industrial, medical, mesh and human interface devices such as keyboard, mouse and remote control.

The device is supported by ModusToolbox. This is a collection of easy-to-use software and tools allowing rapid development of Bluetooth-enabled IoT solutions. Brainstorm new ideas and receive support for the AIROC Bluetooth and Multiprotocol system on chip family through the Infineon Developer Community with direct access to online applications support engineers.

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