Heatsinkless audio amplifier offers excellent audio performance

13-01-2022 | GaN Systems | Power

GaN Systems has launched a new groundbreaking GaN-based 500W Class-D audio amplifier. This reference design combines best-in-class technologies, including its GaN power transistors and Axign's Class-D controller, allowing companies to produce unique audio systems that are smaller, sleeker, more efficient, more powerful, and offer better audio quality than earlier generations.

"GaN-based audio amplifiers and accompanying power supplies are becoming the standard in audio systems, expanding possibilities in design and performance. This collaboration with Axign for the 500W Class-D audio amplifier encapsulates this evolution allowing the delivery of smaller, lighter, and better sounding audio systems," said Paul Wiener, GaN Systems' VP of Strategic Marketing.

Richard Langezaal, Axign's VP of Business Development, added, "Getting amazing sound quality and full control over the loudspeaker are just one of the many benefits of our 500W heatsinkless Class-D audio amplifier with GaN Systems. We are excited to shake up CES 2022 and the consumer audio market in displaying and demoing exciting audio technologies like these."

By Natasha Shek