Fast charging is possible with only one EMC filter

06-01-2022 | Schaffner EMV AG | Power

Schaffner has released the new FN2220 EMC filter developed to satisfy the necessities of EV fast-charging systems.

The fast-growing adoption of EVs worldwide is followed by growing demand for charging stations. To top-up EV batteries when travelling, new generations of high-power charging stations are currently being developed by major OEMs.

When fast charging an EV on a roadside rest-stop, high amounts of energy are transferred in a short time. Electrical safety and EMC compliant currents are needed to protect the user, the EV, and the electrical grid. The new filter series attacks this challenge on the vehicle side of the charging station. It cleans the power that goes to the car to provide a safe charging experience.

The filter can be incorporated straight into the design of a new charging station with no additional compliance testing, decreasing development time and costs. The new filter series is intended to perform safely with industry-specific charging voltages of up to 1000VDC and offers a wide power range from 75kW-600kW.

The new filter meets the requirements of two central EV-charging standards: IEC/EN 61851-23 Electric vehicle conductive charging system, and UL 2202 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging System Equipment.

Adapted to power classes of charging stations, the series is offered in current ratings from 150A to 600A. Even with the smallest version, up to 75kW can be performed (FN2230-150-99-C2022-R99). The top end of the range is marked by the FN2220-600-99-C2222-R99 filter, rated at 600A and 1000V making charging with 600kW achievable with only one EMC filter.

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