eFuse provides accurate overcurrent protection and fast short circuit protection

21-01-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Texas Instruments TPS16530 58V 4.5A eFuse, available now from Mouser, is an easy-to-use, positive eFuse with a 31mOhm integrated FET. Protection for the load, source, and eFuse itself are supplied along with adjustable features such as accurate overcurrent protection, fast short circuit protection, output slew rate control, and undervoltage lockout. PGOOD can be utilised to enable and disable control of the downstream DC-DC converters.

The enable pin supplies external control for enabling and disabling the internal FET. The shutdown pin can put the device into a low power shutdown mode. The device offers fault and precise current monitor output for system status monitoring and downstream load control. The MODE pin allows flexibility to configure the device between the two current-limiting fault responses (latch off and auto-retry).

The devic is available in 20-pin HTSSOP and 24-pin VQFN packages and is specified over a –40C to +125C temperature range.

Typical applications include power amplifier protection in telecom radios, medical equipment, fire alarm control panels, and industrial printers.

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