SoC drives 5G radio efficiency and performance

16-12-2021 | Analog Devices | Semiconductors

Analog Devices has released the RadioVerse SoC series, offering RU developers an agile and cost-effective platform to produce the industry's most energy-efficient 5G RUs. The new SoC series delivers advanced RF signal processing with extended digital functionality and RF capacity, significantly improving 5G RU performance and energy efficiency. The SoCs are the most recent addition to its RadioVerse ecosystem and combine its Zero IF (ZiF) architecture with meaningful advances in functional integration and linearisation. The RadioVerse devices are claimed to be the most widely utilised software-defined transceivers in 4G and 5G RUs worldwide.

"Samsung and ADI have long worked together to support the swift deployment of 5G in the global market," said Dong Geun Lee, vice president and head of Hardware R&D Group, Network Business at Samsung Electronics. "We are excited for the successful launch of ADI's new SoC, as we expect this cutting-edge technology will bring a better 5G experience to consumers. We look forward to expanding our engagement with ADI."

The new SoC series needs very low power compared to alternatives and executes advanced algorithms that provide optimal RU system efficiency.

"RadioVerse SoCs are designed to optimise the full radio solution rather than just a single component or interface," said Joe Barry, vice president of Wireless Communications at Analog Devices. "Each successive generation has provided expanded capabilities, bandwidth and performance while improving overall RU efficiency. This new RadioVerse SoC series takes a big step forward by delivering multiple advancements in signal processing to meet the demanding needs of 5G."

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