Quad output power supply meets medical and industrial/ITE standards

17-12-2021 | SL Power | Power

SL Power Electronics offers the GB130Q family of highly efficient, 130W quad output power supplies in a 3" x 5" open frame form factor. Rich in features and explicitly developed for next-generation applications, the screw-less design with no topside heatsink provides a more automated assembly, improving system reliability and decreasing system costs.

The device carries dual safety certification complying with Medical (IEC/UL60601-1, 3rd Edition) and Industrial/ITE (IEC/UL62368) safety standards within the same unit. This significant attribute of the family of products simplifies sourcing needs. When paired with a design optimised for seamless integration, the device stands out as an excellent solution for practically any application.

The device is constructed with the highest quality components, including long-life electrolytic capacitors, and the design assures that these components are not pushed to their maximum output ratings. For example, the long-life electrolytic capacitors function below their threshold and ESR ratings in prolonging the life of the end equipment and reducing field service demands.

The power supply is also offered with a cover, GB130Q-C, and both versions provide a broad range of output combinations, a 5V standby output, remote inhibit through contact closure and power fail/DC OK signal. Meeting Class B conduced and radiated EMI with a high margin simplifies system design by decreasing/stopping the requirement for external filtering.

Gary Baker, UK country manager for SL Power, comments," Medical technology continues to evolve and make ever greater demands from power supplies. Our GB130Q series offers an extended feature set, class-leading efficiency and the flexibility to meet a very wide range of applications."

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